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Immersive eXcursion

Come be a part of an erotic environment that commands your senses, completely engulfing you such in a way that you feel as if you are inside it and a living part of it.

Our Immersive eXcursion is an adventure taken only by the most curious of couples. Take a journey through exposure to the most decadent of experiences and erotic encounters. Our events are for couples who enjoy actively engaging instead of just passively watching.

Themed attire, experimental dining, dinner theatre & games. Along with sexy demonstrations, erotic educational workshops and vendor events, are just a few things you may encounter while being at an Immersive eXcursion.

The Immersive eXcursion is the largest and most entertaining and educational event that we host.  Currently, we host this event annually and it lasts approximately 4-5 days.

Currently Scheduled Immersive excursion Events

There are currently no events scheduled.

Previous Immersive eXcursion Events

Surrealist Illuminati 

Las Vegas, August, 2019

Medieval Retreat

Las Vegas 2018

Vampire Bondage (Vampire Ball NOLA)

New Orleans 2017

Gathering in Paris (Marie Antoinette Ball)

Las Vegas 2016

Painting the Roses Red

Las Vegas 2015

Warren Gathering

Las Vegas 2014


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