Frequently Asked Questions


A general dress code must be adhered to for each one of our events. It will be posted for everyone that is attending. Attire should be classy yet adventurous, nothing distasteful or trashy. Creativity is encouraged and even expected! We will be providing you an itinerary listing the events and their themes with recommendations and any accessories you will be required to bring along.

Absolutely not!

We do have ritual practices and ceremonies around our events. These rituals are accomplished for entertainment value and are intended to be performed in a positive spirit and for the purpose of having fun.  Many of our event themes are based on subject matter that may be perceived as quirky, dark, erotic and even have religious undertones.  While we consider the events spiritual, it is not religious or satanic in any way.


Our events are for monogamous couples. The encounter will be decadent, sensual and made to push your limits, as a COUPLE ONLY.

Parts of our events/demonstrations may contain nudity, but this is absolutely not a sex party.

Every couple’s privacy is very important to us. Due to the nature of the events, we ask that you do not take any pictures during the event.

  • Taking pictures at all event functions is prohibited.
  • If you want to take a picture of, or with another member or couple be sure to get their consent prior to taking the picture.
  • Please do not post any picture taken, even if taken with consent, on any social media or online.
  • Be courteous as to not post, forward or share any pictures taken that may have captured any unintended participants.

Some events will have a private event photographer that will take pictures.  These pictures may be used by Midlife Intimacy with everyone’s privacy and anonymity in mind. Keepsake books may be offered after each of the events. If you wish not to be included in a keepsake book please indicate so during your sign up process in the message block.

We are not responsible for pictures taken at any of the events.

Each member may be required to:

  • Sign a liability waiver prior to entering any event.
  • Produce a valid government-issued identification.
  • Provide a credit card and appropriate information for any damage or incidentals.

This protects everyone.

Currently, in order to attend a Midlife Intimacy Immersive eXcursion Event, you would be required to purchase a full price ticket.

Many of our event functions are limited by available space at each venue.  There would often not be enough space to conduct these functions beyond the scope of the venue itself.

There would be no requirement or obligation to stay at the venue.


There are several reasons for requesting a deposit to secure tickets at the MLI Immersive excursion.

When working with a group of this size we have discovered that all of the vendors require written contracts and prepaid deposits.   Every year lk and myself sign these contracts and put ourselves personally at risk for the entire financial commitment.

A deposit is also a commitment by the buyer.  During the planning and pricing process, we need to have an accurate assessment of how many couples will be attending the event.  Unlike what many people would expect, most prices do not go down as volume increases.

There are also unseen thresholds or financial tiers in relation to group size.

As the group size grows larger we will reach a threshold where we can simply not accommodate any more couples.

Every event will be limited by some barrier or threshold.  This is not something that is unique to just Midlife Intimacy events as scarcity will affect every venue in one fashion or another.  The main factors affecting the number of tickets available at this year’s MLI event will be venue accommodations, workshop space, and adequate space for featured dinners and events.

knowing that tickets will be limited, we have many members want to secure their tickets now.

Secure your tickets by purchasing a deposit while they are still available.

All of our events are Non-Refundable 

Everyone that commits to purchase tickets has a sincere intention to attend.  We know as well as anyone that life sometimes has other plans for us.  However, lk and I will have had already signed contracts and financially committed ourselves for everyone’s intentions.

Tickets can not be resold or reassinged under any circumstances.  This rule enables us to

Protocol and Etiquette

Realize that some people may not be as willing to share their personal space with you as you may be with them.

Everyone will have personal boundaries and limits that they are comfortable with when it comes to sharing details regarding their personal lives and lifestyles with others. These comfort levels will vary and be different for every single couple at the event.

This would include chivalrous, courteous and honorable behavior.  Operating with the utmost integrity is a principle and value of our chosen lifestyle.  We will all be characterized by our actions as well as our words. 

In all areas of life, a lady displays self-respect, class, appreciation, and etiquette. You don’t have to come from wealth or be wealthy in order to conduct yourself like royalty.  Acting like a lady is carrying yourself with dignity, which also empowers a man to be a gentleman.

We should introduce ourselves as to how we would like others to refer to us during the event.

For example, at the beginning of the event, I will offer my real name to everyone.  It is up to you how you and your partner would like to refer to me.  You can use my real name or M, my online alias – Mr. Fox, or even Sir.

Absolutely not!

There is no need for your submissive to address anyone as ‘Sir’ during the event.

For example, lk may address other Dominants as ‘Sir’ if she desires and only if she chooses to.  It is only out of respect and definitely not required as she is not submissive to any other, only me.

Please introduce yourself as either your username or your real name whichever you are most comfortable having others address you as.

When introducing your submissive please introduce her as you would like her to be addressed by others.

For example, everyone may address my little kaninchen as ‘lk’. 

Please DO NOT address her as kaninchen.   

Please realize that our lifestyle is a sexually charged one.  You may witness an embrace or familiarity among some of us.  A few of us have known each other for many years and have developed personal relationships outside of the online communities.

Please ensure that you have permission to do so before physically embracing or offering a hug.  We want to respect everyone’s personal space.

We ask that you or your partner DO NOT violate anyone’s personal space and keep your hands to yourself.

Please respect everyone at the event and do not try to make our MLI Event a place to hook up with other couples.

Exercise caution when joking around with people that you do not ‘really’ know. They may not have the same sense of humor that you possess and may end up taking offense.

Violation of any of the rules, protocols, etiquettes or FAQ’s, as well as being determined as a nuisance or inappropriate behavior will get the offender and their partner immediately removed from the event or property. If you are banned from the event or property you agree to leave without incident or debate and your ticket costs and all other charges or fees paid will not be refunded.


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