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lk & Mr. Fox have been doing Immersive eXcursions and other events for more than 6 years now. They began their personal journey in 2012 with a couple of blogs about their private excursion into the world of Domination and submission as a married couple. There was not much available at that time for Married, yet wanting to stay Monogamous, Couples that wanted to participate or use BDSM in their marriages.

They began to archive their journey along with the steps that they created for themselves that enabled them to find success in a Married Dominance and submission relationship.  Their writings fast became a resource for others to read and follow.  They wanted every couple to achieve the edge without getting cut by their own desires.

Mr. Fox and lk had created D|s-M, Dominance and submission for Married couples.

Their once small blogs soon became online communities with over 18,000 members!

As they experimented with BDSM and using it to enrich their marriage, it became their passion to bring light to something that was known as dark and taboo in the past.  D|s-M was essentially the first step in their exploration of how to increase and enrich intimacies within their marriage.  Since 2012, they have been helping others enrich their marriages by using D/s, tantric and kama sutra.  Mr. Fox and lk believe that the relationship skills are just as important to improve and build on as the sexual intimacies that are practiced in a D/s dynamic.

Married Dominant husband
Married Dominant man


A Dominant husband blog and online community.  The community is founded on values and principles of a gentleman within the leadership role gifted to him as a Dominant husband.


married submissive


A submissive wife blog and online community.  The community is founded on values and principles of a lady within the supporting role in her marriage.

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