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Midlife Intimacy (MLI) Events are held locally, regionally and nationally. MLI provides organized group events for couples that will immerse you into a total intimacy experience.  These experiences focus on helping you and your partner awaken and build all types of intimacies in your relationship.  During the events, couples can achieve or watch experiences that they have only read or dreamed about.  Our goal is to assist you as a couple in rediscovering the passion for one another through the practice of erotic intimacies and episodes such as (D|s-M) Married Dominance and submission, Tantra and the Kama Sutra.

MLI events could include some or all of the following: themed dinners, theatre, entertainment, demonstrations, educational workshops and shopping events!  Our largest event is an Immersive eXcursion, generally lasting anywhere from 4-7 days.  An immersive eXcursion is a journey through experiences for the curious who enjoy actively engaging in performance rather than passively watching it.  We also do smaller occasions as simple as a dinner and a movie, where you get to meet and greet in a specified city.  With any of our events, you will be given a list with the themed attire and accessories that will be required for you and your significant other to attend the event.

One of the greatest benefits is the camaraderie that you form with other attendees that you meet while engaging in the experiences.  We have found that most couples may not have friends that they can share or talk with about the intimacies that you privately enjoy for fear of judgement.  We have community websites that steadily bring many couples to our gatherings but, if you’re a new couple that is just curious about the experience or new in your current intimacy journey, you’re welcome to attend our events!  We make it our business to make sure that every couple is included and feels like a part of it all.  Events are designed to be edgy but only hosted with the utmost class, respect and integrity.  Our events are MONOGAMOUS.  We do focus on the marriage and make sure nothing is done to damage it. There are rules that are posted and agreed on by every attendee prior to each of the events. Our events are couples only and you must be 21 or older to attend.

“Sine questus interficiam in ore gladii”

              – Providing the edge without getting cut

Trust – Respect – Honesty – Communication – Intimacy – Monogamy

“Lux in Tenebris”

           – We are on a journey to bring the light into the darkness.

What brings you here? 

If you were brought here by your curiosity due to reading a book or watching a movie, we can satisfy your interests.  Today many couples or individuals are looking for MORE, more fulfillment from their partner or from themselves and their marriages.  You may have woken up in a different stage of life wondering who you are. Have you felt like you have woken up next to a stranger?  Have you lost your connection to your significant other?  Recently, have you become aware of the terms midlife crisis, empty-nest syndrome or Gray Divorce? Do you just want to simply add some romance or fantasy?  You have come to the right place to investigate and experience things that may help, grow or you even save your marriage.  If you’re not familiar with our other brands or websites, you can click the links above and explore. 

What is Midlife

Don’t let the term “midlife” fool you.  Today,  many people are living to the age of 100 or more.  Midlife means the central period of a person’s life. The fact that people are living longer means that the middle period of their lives is lengthening.  So when we refer to midlife, we are defining it as ages 35-65 and beyond.  


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